1C:Enterprise Administrator Guide

This book is the guide for 1C:Enterprise administration. The guide is intended for administrators who carry out various tasks involved in the administration of the 1C:Enterprise infobase.

Structure of the Guide
The guide covers 1C:Enterprise administration in general as well as operation modes of the system.
Chapter 1 contains system requirements for 1C:Enterprise deployment and operation.
Chapter 2 describes installation of 1C:Enterprise platform.
Chapter 3 describes installation of 1C:Enterprise configurations.
Chapter 4 describes system startup and customization of the startup window.
Chapter 5 contains information on managing the list of infobases.
Chapter 6 explains 1C:Enterprise administration capabilities.
Chapter 7 describes how to configure web servers to work with 1C:Enterprise.
Chapter 8 describes how to configure web browsers to run the web client.
Chapter 9 describes the unauthorized use protection system and its settings.
Chapter 10 describes the process of updating the system.
Chapter 11 describes the uninstallation process.
Chapter 12 describes administration of the mobile application.

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