1C:Enterprise Administrator Guide

This book is the guide for 1C:Enterprise administration. The guide is intended for administrators who carry out various tasks involved in the administration of the 1C:Enterprise infobase.

Structure of the Guide
The guide covers 1C:Enterprise administration in general as well as operation modes of the system.
Chapter 1 covers the hardware and software requirements for 1C:Enterprise installation and operation.
Chapter 2 describes the installation procedure for the 1C:Enterprise solutions package.
Chapter 3 focuses on how to install  of configurations.
Chapter 4 describes system startup and customization of the startup window.
Chapter 5 contains information on managing the infobase list.
Chapter 6 covers 1C:Enterprise administrative capabilities.
Chapter 7 describes web servers’ setup for proper 1C:Enterprise operation.
Chapter 8 details web browsers setup for web client operation.
Chapter 9 focuses on the protection system against unauthorized copying and how to customize it.
Chapter 10 describes the update procedure.
Chapter 11 demonstrates software uninstall from a computer.
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