In 1C:Enterprise mode

Let us test the recalculation of calculation register records.

  1. Start 1C:Enterprise in the debug mode.
  2. Clear the posting of all Employee accrual documents, and then post Employee accrual # 1 and Employee accrual #2.
  3. Create the Employee accruals report (fig. 18.30).

    Fig. 18.30. Employee accruals report
  4. Open the Employee accrual #1 document, change Johnson’s salary to 10 000, and post the document.
  5. In the Employee accruals report, click the Recalculate button.
    You can see that the bonuses for Johnson and Walkman are recalculated (fig. 18.31).

    Fig. 18.31. Service message window
  6. In the report, click Create.
    This is required for the report to display up-to-date data. The resulting report contains the new value for Johnson’s bonus (fig. 18.32).

    Fig. 18.32. Employee accruals report
  7. Post Employee accrual # 3 and then, in the report, click Recalculate.
    You can see that Johnson’s bonus and salary are recalculated (fig. 18.33).

     Fig. 18.33. Service message window
  8. In the report, click Create.
    The resulting report contains up-to-date salary and bonus values (fig. 18.34).

    Fig. 18.34. Employee accruals report
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