Methods and properties available through OLE Automation

Methods available in the add-in creation technology version 1.0:

  • RegisterProfileAs(<ParameterListName>)
  • Read(<VariableName>,<ReferenceToVARIANT>)

  • Write(<VariableName>,<ReferenceToVARIANT>) 

  • SetEventBufferDepth(<EventQueueLength>)

  • GetEventBufferDepth(<ReferenceToQueueLength>)

  • ClearEventBuffer()

  • ExternalEvent(<EventSourceString>,<EventNameString>,<EventParametersString>)

  • AddError(<MessageCode>,<MessageSourceString>,<MessageDescriptionString>,<ErrorCode>)

  • SetStatusLine(<StatusBar>)

  • ResetStatusLine()

Methods and properties added in the add-in creation technology version 2.0:

Warning! Methods and properties listed below are unavailable in the web client.

  • AppDispatch property

  • GetAppMainFrame(<PointerToWindowDescriptor>)

  • GetAppMDIFrame(<PointerToWindowDescriptor>)

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