Configuration object name and synonym

The name is the main property of any configuration object. When you create an object, the platform generates its name automatically.

You can keep the generated name but we recommend that you change it to a name that makes sense to you. You can choose any name, provided that it begins with a letter and does not contain certain special characters (such as spaces).

It is a common practice to use human-readable names and, in case of names that consist of multiple words, to take out the spaces and begin each word with a capital letter. Object names are unique and you can use them to call object properties and methods from 1C:Enterprise script.

Each configuration object also has a Synonym property. It stores an alternate description of a configuration object. This description is displayed in the user interface. In other words, it is what users will see. That is why there are almost no limitations to the synonym format and you can always make a synonym human-readable.

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