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You can use auto field sets as fields during report customization. When creating report structure items, the system automatically adds an <Auto> field as a selection field. A selection auto field represents a set of fields, it is converted to individual fields during the report generation. To view a set of fields, on the More menu, click Expand. To add an auto field, on the More menu, click Add new auto field.

The assortment of fields in a set depends on the structure item where the auto field belongs and on the structure part where the item is located. For each item, 1C:Enterprise iterates through all the parent items of the report structure and selects the resources and fields from the selected fields of these items using the following rules:

  • For a grouping or a table grouping, an auto field is replaced with all used fields of the grouping that are available for use in the selected fields, fields that are attributes of its grouping fields, and resources of parent items.

    Warning! 1C:Enterprise only processes groupings of Elements and Hierarchy types in this selection.
  • For a chart grouping, resources are not selected. Instead, 1C:Enterprise iterates through all the parent items of the report structure and selects the grouping fields from the selected fields of these items, provided that this grouping has Hierarchy only type.
  • For groupings of Detailed records (grouping, table grouping, or chart grouping) type, all the used fields except for the fields that are included in higher-level groupings and attributes of those fields are selected from the main selected fields of the setting where the grouping belongs. If the grouping has the Hierarchy only type, its fields and attributes are used in the generation of a selection field set. For a chart grouping, resources are not selected.
  • For a chart, a selection auto field is replaced with all the resources specified for the chart. Depending on the application settings, the selection auto field can be replaced with the resource that is found first during the abovementioned iteration.
  • For a table, a selection auto field is converted to a set of resources used by the parent items.

Note. If a field is already included in the selected fields, it is not added repeatedly.

At that the fields are added into a set as follows: first the fields of the grouping’s own fields (for groupings), next fields of the global settings (for Detailed records groupings), and finally the resources and fields of the parent items.

You can combine the selected fields into groups that are added using the Group command (the command is available when all the selected table rows have the same parent). To delete groups while preserving the nested fields, use the Ungroup command. You can define a group location within the current report structure item by selecting a value in the Location column.

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