Unlike Designer, which is a part of 1C:Enterprise platform and shares its version, EDT is not a part of the platform. However, you need specific versions of 1C:Enterprise platform to run and debug applications. Therefore, you have to set up one or several Launch configurations (for running your applications) and Debug configurations (for debugging them).

Each launch configuration has the following parameters:

  • Project where it is used.
  • 1C:Enterprise platform version used to run applications. You can specify a four-digit version number (one of those installed on your computer), as well as 2-digit and 3-digit ones (for example, <8.3> and <8.3.8>). For more information about 1C:Enterprise versions, see Available 1C:Enterprise versions.
  • Client application used to run your application (thin client, thick client, or web client).
  • Application infobase. You can specify the user name and password for accessing the infobase. Note that the user account must have administrative rights because EDT will use it to update database configurations. To specify the user parameters, click the Edit infobase access settings button to the right of the field where you select an infobase.
  • Parameter that shows whether EDT performs infobase configuration update before running the application (the Deploy Configuration before launch check box).
  • Parameter that shows whether EDT performs full infobase configuration update before running the application (the Deploy full configuration check box).
  • Important startup parameters (authentication, separator values, and other parameters).

Remember that the requirement for identical client and server versions still applies. EDT does not select the required client version automatically. Therefore, you have to specify the client application explicitly in the launch configuration settings. Once you set up several launch configurations, you can easily run your applications on several 1C:Enterprise versions without the need to run several Designer versions.

Note that some configuration groups can use a single launch or debug configuration for both running and debugging applications. These groups include 1C:Enterprise Client, 1C:Enterprise Mobile Application, and Published 1C:Enterprise Mobile Application. In other words, a launch configuration is available as a debug configuration, and vice versa. If you use a debug configuration as a launch configuration, its debug parameters are ignored. Deleting a configuration from the list of launch configurations also deletes it from the list of debug configurations, and vice versa.

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