Changes that require changes to the configuration and administrative settings

  • The distribution kits for Linux are published at the using the TAR.GZ format instead of RAR.
  • The Compatibility mode configuration property can be set to Version 8.2.13 value.
  • A new interface operation mode implemented: opening forms in main window and using tabs to switch between opened windows. To manage the operating mode use command line parameters (/itdi – to work in tabs and /isdi – to work in separate windows) and parameter Form open mode in the client application settings dialog. When transiting to operating with tabs mode, it is recommended to analyze the application code of commands belonging to the Navigation panel group. If two commands must open one and the same form in two different tabs, it is required to specify the unique key or key form parameter when the form is obtained.
  • UseHwLicense command line parameter name is renamed to UseHwLicenses. The UseHwLicense parameter is left for compatibility. USEHWLICENSE installation parameter is renamed to USEHWLICENSES. The USEHWLICENSE parameter is left for compatibility.
  • StrikeOut property is renamed to Strikeout for the Font object.
  • DataCompositionSystemSettingsVariants property is renamed to DataCompositionSettingsVariants. The possibility to use DataCompositionSystemSettingsVariants is left for compatibility.
  • DataCompositionSystemSettingsVariant property is renamed to DataCompositionSettingsVariant. The possibility to use DataCompositionSystemSettingsVariant is left for compatibility.
  • OnLoadDataFromSettingsAtServer() event of form report extension is executed after loading settings. In the forms created in previous versions, the OnLoadDataFromSettingsAtServer event handler selected in form properties is switched to BeforeLoadDataFromSettingsAtServer handler.
  • Implemented the possibility to group by data composition system resource-fields. The behavior is not changed in the 8.1 and 8.2.13 version compatibility modes (data composition system resource fields can not be used for grouping).
  • System behavior is changed on calling the RefreshInterface() method and at modifying functional options' parameters. All additional forms are closed (with calling the corresponding form handlers) and then the list of elements of the main form is updated or the command that called on the opening of the additional form, is executed.
  • A query is executed to automatically define document time in the privileged mode (at writing of the document form and at calling of the SetTime() method).
  • If the compatibility mode is set to Do not use, then exception is thrown on attempt to go to invalid navigation link. The exception can be processed using the Try - Exception operator.
  • GetFullTextMode() method renamed to GetFullTextSearchMode(), SetFullTextMode() method renamed to SetFullTextSearchMode(), FullTextMode() method renamed to FullTextSearchMode(). Previous method names are left for compatibility.
  • The settings composer's form items DataParameters, Filter, Selection, Order, ConditionalAppearance, OutputParameters, UserFields, implemented for link with columns, are renamed to ItemDataParameters, ItemFilter, ItemSelection, ItemOrder, ItemConditionalAppearance, ItemOutputParameters, ItemUserFields correspondingly. Old names are available in compatibility with version 8.2.13 and version 8.1 modes.
  • If the compatibility mode is disabled then the Period parameter is obligatory for the Get() method of the periodical information register. In the 8.2.13 and 8.1 compatibility mode the behavior is not changed (the method can be used without the specifying parameter, but the result is undefined).
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer browser external component adapter registration is performed "for computer". External components installation directory is changed for the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\1C\1СEWebExt (%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1C\1СEWebExt for Windows Vista and older) directory is used for installation. Administrator can install external components, if the user doesn’t have the rights to perform installation.
  • If the choice content model is found during XSD-schema export then all elements specified within this model are defined as not obligatory.
  • Interpreting the different variants for inheritance of object types is performed more correctly when XDTO factory is created.
  • When a row is duplicated in a managed form table linked with a value table, a value tree, a tabular section or a filter, the OnChange event handler is called after the new row is filled in.
  • When sizes of a managed form elements are defined automatically, the size of the font specified in the form elements properties is taken into account. Change of the font size performed through form and dynamic list conditional appearance, does not affect the size of the form element. A call to a server is performed if the font is changed programmatically. The behavior is not changed in the 8.2.13 compatibility mode (the font size is not taken into account when defining the element size).
  • A string consisting of 12 spaces is a text presentation of DataVersion standard attribute value for a new object. The behavior is not changed in the 8.2.13 and 8.1 compatibility modes (the presentation is equal to empty string for a new object).
  • You can manage text update in the text box when a value is passed from an attribute to a managed form element. Use the EditTextUpdate property of the text box and UpdateEditText() method of the text box extension. The behavior is not changed in the 8.2.13 compatibility (the property is ignored; update is executed always, except for the case when the value of the same type is set in the AutoCompleteText handler as a type of a value in the text box.
  • Exception occurs when SetValue() and UseFromDataSource() methods of the DataLockItem object are used simultaneously. The behavior is not changed in the 8.2.13 compatibility mode (the value set by UseFromDataSource() method is considered priority).
  • Exception occurs if the type of the Value to be locked parameter does not correspond to the type of the lock space field when calling the SetValue() method of the DataLockItem object. The behavior is not changed in the 8.2.13 compatibility mode.
  • When a lock is set on the spaces AccumulationRegister.<Name> and AccountingRegister.<Name>, in some cases the period of lock is corrected automatically. The behavior is not changed in the 8.2.13 compatibility mode.
  • When a managed lock is set on the AccumulationRegister.<Name> space if value of the extra dimension is set by a reference to a characteristic, then this characteristic must bу one of the extra dimensions for this account in the Chart of accounts. If the corresponding extra dimension is not specified for an account, then an error occurs. The behavior is not changed in the 8.2.13 compatibility mode.
  • NumberInWords() and PeriodPresentation() global context methods use session localization code by default (which can be set using the /VL command line parameter). The behavior is not changed in the compatibility mode.
  • When checking rights for attributes and tabular sections of reports/data processors, if the role has not Independent rights for subordinate object checkbox set, and if the View right is not set for the report/data processor, then it is considered that the Edit right is not set for the attribute (tabular section). The behavior is not changed in the compatibility mode.
  • Writing data not supporting serialization to the data value storage is not supported. The behavior is not changed in the compatibility mode.
  • FillCheck() method renamed to CheckFill(). The old name is left for compatibility.
  • In the managed form text box the text is aligned by the top edge, if multi-line mode is set for the text box, otherwise – by center (vertically).
  • English presentation for the object key for the sections panel is changed from Common/PartitionPanel/CommandInterfaceSettings to Common/SectionsPanel/CommandInterfaceSettings. Settings, saved in previous versions of system and English variant of script, will be lost.
  • Modified keys of objects, intended for desktop command interface storage. For the desktop navigation panel the Desktop/NavigationPanel/CommandInterfaceSettings key is implemented instead of Subsystem.desktop/NavigationPanel/CommandInterfaceSettings. For the desktop actions panel the Desktop/ActionsPanel/CommandInterfaceSettings key is implemented instead of Subsystem.desktop/ActionsPanel/CommandInterfaceSettings. In version 8.2.13 compatibility mode old object keys are used.
  • Sequence of event handlers calls is modified for calls, associated with closing forms, when "1C:Enterprise" in managed application mode is terminated. The sequence of calling handlers is as follows:
    • BeforeExit;
    • BeforeClose of all forms, except forms, located on the desktop;
    • BeforeClose of forms, located on the desktop workspace;
    • OnClose of all forms, except forms, located on the desktop;
    • OnClose of forms, located on the desktop workspace;
    • OnExit.
  • We have switched from use of ICU 4.0 to use of ICU 4.6. Thereby date and number formatting is changed for several languages and formats.
  • Word sorting for Russian language using И and Й letters is changed.
  • Name of RegistrationPeriod standard attribute is changed in metadata. RegistrationPeriod is used instead of Period. In compatibility mode the name is not changed.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 web browser support is implemented. It is recommended to verify the correctness of generating the HTML templates of the applied solution when transferring to use this browser. In particular, it is recommended to change specifying font size from px to pt.
  • In the external components technology added libraries for building extensions for the Mozilla Firefox browser with xulrunner-2.0 and xulrunner-5.0 packages.
  • Mozilla Firefox 4 and 5 browser support is implemented in the external components technology. The clientVersion attribute in manifest file is no longer ignored and is used for selecting the necessary installation kit. You should build separate installation kit for each version of browser in order to provide external components operability with this browser.
  • The RefreshValuesReuse() method is renamed to RefreshReusableValues(). The following names are left for compatibility matters: RefreshReusingValues() for executing at thick client and at server; the RefreshValuesReuse() is left for executing at thin client.
  • More complete validation for the structure of leading calculation types is implemented. At the same time the increase of number of access rights error messages is possible for the chart of calculation types, if there are data access restrictions for reading.
  • If the Grouping fields placement paramater of the data composition system is set to SeparatelyAndInTotalsOnly value, then the grouping template cells are merged only for columns of the corresponding grouping when grouping template is generated. The behavior is not changed in the version 8.1 and 8.2.13 compatibility mode (the grouping template cells are merged within all columns of parent grouping).
  • The mechanism of configuration change records for operating in the distributed Infobase is changed. The configuration is fully marked as changed in the following cases: loading configuration from a file, connecting configuration to the configuration repository, updating configuration using the support mechanism with disabled possibility of changes.
  • If there are roles, that were not edited after creating (they do not have any rights for any object) during the conversion of Infobase from version 8.2.13 and earlier, then the SaveUserData and AllFunctionsMode rights are not set automatically for these roles.

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