Creating list items

Creating list folders

To create an item, in a list form, click Create or press Insert.

To create an item in a specific folder of a hierarchical list, select the folder before creating the item (this option is available in Hierarchical list and Tree view modes).

Note. If the List view mode is selected for a hierarchical list, a new item is created in the root folder.

If an item form includes a Parent attribute, you can set a folder for the item regardless of the list view mode and the current folder.

When creating a list item, you enter its data in the item form window.

The appearance of this window, its properties, and behavior of the controls are application-specific.

When editing a list item, you can use the standard methods of editing form fields. For more information, see General form operations.

The application might check whether the data you enter is valid and complete. If you enter incorrect data, it might display error messages. When you are done entering the attributes, click Save and close, or another similar button used to save the item, or close the form using the Close button. When you are prompted to save the changes, click Yes to save the item or No to discard the changes.

To cancel the item creation, press Esc.

Tip. To add a list item, use a command of the Create group of the actions panel.

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