New functionality and changes in the 1C:Enterprise mode

Functionality After Before Result of changes
Collaboration system.
Converstation participants receive notifications in the conversation form if one of them is typing a message.

The following user statuses are now available: offline, away, do not disturb, and online. The Away status is available in thick and thin clients on Windows only.

Updated the new message notification.

You can now start a conversation with user from the user information form.

Updated the collaboration system main window.

Updated Collaboration system management standard function. Updated registration and cancelling registration forms.

These features were not provided. Improved the collaboration system interface.
Implemented the following changes In the Taxi interface:
  • Managed form cell indents are reduced proportionally to the managed form scale if it is less than 100%. Implemented the factor of proportionality.
  • When the managed form scale is 80%, the table row height equals to the table row height in the compact mode, depending on the font and the screen DPI.
  • Reduced left and right table cell indents.
  • Reduced left and right indents of spreadsheet document columns generated by the Output list command.
The Taxi interface behaved the following way:
  • There was no factor of proportionality in reducing the managed form table cell indents.
  • Left and right table cell indents were wider.
  • Left and right indents of a spreadsheet document columns generated by the Output list command, were wider.
Improved the spreadsheet document and managed form table appearance in managed form with custom scale.
All incorrect links are displayed as a link (not link's presentation). When the user favorites settings dialog box is closed, incorrect links remain in the favorites list and can be used or edited.

Implemented the URLPresentation.Presentation() method.

The GetURLsPresentations() method always returns the array of URLPresentation objects. Each URLPresentation object in this array will have different values depending on the link.

This change is not implemented in version 8.3.12 compatibility mode.

Incorrect links had a blank interface presentation and were not available.

They were deleted from the user work history after the user favorites settings dialog box was closed.

The GetURLsPresentations() method applied to an incorrect link returned Undefined.

Improved links performance.
Web client.
Spreadsheet documents.
Eliminated spreadsheet document printing faults in the web client if the HTML print method is selected. A spreadsheet document might be printed with faults in the web client if the HTML print method was selected. Eliminated unexpected system behavior.

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