1C:Enterprise add-in naming rules

Since a mobile application might use multiple add-ins created by different developers, it is important to employ the following add-in naming rules to eliminate possible naming conflicts.

An add-in name can contain Roman characters and numbers. Spaces are not allowed. Underscore (_) is allowed. The first character must be a letter or an underscore (_). Add-in names are case-sensitive.

If an add-in is developed in a company that has a website (for example, 1c.com), the add-in name must begin with the site name in reverse order, with periods replaced by underscores (for example, com_1c). Then add another underscore(_) and the add-in name.

If the site name does not comply with the add-in naming rules, try the following:

  • Replace prohibited characters, such as hyphens, with underscores.

  • If a name matches a reserved word, add an underscore to the end.

  • If a name starts with a number, add an underscore to the beginning.

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