Viewing two windows simultaneously

The Taxi interface is aimed to display a single window at a time. But it provides the option to view two windows simultaneously. This can be handy in some scenarios, such as comparing documents or reports.

There are two ways to view two windows simultaneously:

  • Dock one of the windows
  • Show two windows side-by-side

If you open a window from a docked window or from a window that is in "show side-by-side" mode, the new window is displayed in the work area of the parent one.

Commands for switching between the windows (Forward / Back buttons and keyboard shortcuts) treat docked windows and windows that are in "show side-by-side" mode just like any other open windows.

Commands for docking windows and showing them side-by-side are available if the following conditions are met:

  • The current form is not the start page.
  • The work area of the main window contains an open form.
  • The current form allows switching to other forms without closing that form.
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