Changes requiring configuration changes

  • If the table, in which no fields are used, is specified in the query, then all data access restrictions are applied to this table. Restrictions are applied "by OR", this means, that all records are available, if they are available by at least one condition. If there aren’t any conditions specified for some fields, then the request is executed for all records in the table. If table of higher level is specified, then restrictions, designated for the nested tables’ columns, are not applied. If table is nested, then restrictions are applied both to nested tables and tables of higher level.
  • The Interval parameter of the OnIntervalEditEnd event of the form field extension for a Gantt chart contains temporary object, containing interval boundaries modified by user. If the CancelEdit parameter is set to False, then passed interval will be set to the form data and the OnChange handler will be called. Otherwise, the date range will not be changed in the form data and the OnChange handler will not be called.
  • The same commands as in the context menu of a form element, chosen as a source of commands are automatically added to the group with the specified source of commands, added to context menu of the form element, in the "1C:Enterprise" mode. Previously filling was performed similarly to the command toolbar.

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