Image fields

The Picture field form item is used to display a picture in a form. This item can contain a hyperlink (for more information, see Hyperlinks). 

If a picture does not fit a field, scroll bars are displayed when you select the field, provided that the application supports this option. If scroll bars are available, you can move the picture using the arrow keys, Home (show upper-left corner), End (show lower-right corner), Page Up (go up by window size vertically, or horizontally if Alt is held down), and Page Down (go down by window size vertically, or horizontally if Alt is held down).

If your mouse has a wheel button, you can scroll the image vertically by rotating the wheel forward (up) or backward (down). If you hold down Shift while scrolling, the picture is scrolled horizontally.

The Picture field form item has a context menu with the following items: Copy, Save as, and View Image.

To copy a picture to the clipboard, right-click it and click Copy. Then you can paste the picture to another application.

The Save as menu item is available for pictures loaded from files. Use it to save a picture to a file.

The View Image item displays a picture in a new window. This window includes buttons to zoom in and out and to revert to the actual size. You can resize this window. Use the Zoom in, Zoom out, and Original Size context menu items to change the scale. You can also use the numeric keypad keys to change the scale: Plus Sign zooms in and Minus Sign zooms out. The Original Size menu item reverts to the actual picture size.

Note that you have to select a picture to perform operations with the mouse. That is, you have to click the picture first. If you click a button, this button becomes selected and further mouse actions (scrolling and scaling) are not available until you select a picture.

You can change the scale using a wheel button while holding down Ctrl. To zoom in, rotate the wheel forward, and to zoom out, rotate it backward. You can also change the scale using Plus Sign and Minus Sign on the numeric keypad.

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