Other specifics

  • In the navigation panel, to collapse all command groups, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Minus Sign on the numeric keypad. To expand all command groups, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Plus Sign on the numeric keypad.
  • Applications cannot be shut down with Ctrl + Break where this option is available in other clients.
  • You cannot customize the view of charts, dendrograms, graphical schemas, and geographical schemas.
  • Gantt chart customization options are limited.
  • A text that does not fit a table cell is not accompanied by ellipsis points on the right.
  • Spreadsheet documents, spreadsheet document fields, and form tables do not support scrolling with the wheel button.
  • Only a limited set of operating system fonts is available in the web client. Other fonts cannot be selected in the font selection dialog box. When they are used, they are replaced with supported fonts.
  • To access the main menu, press F10. Accessing the main menu using Alt is not supported.
  • Web browser scales other than 100% and custom dpi values are not supported.
  • When lengthy operations are in progress, the pointer is not changed in the situations when such changes occur in other clients.
  • In Mozilla Firefox, presentations of navigation panel and actions panel commands that do not fit the panel size are not accompanied by ellipsis points to the right.
  • In Microsoft Internet Explorer, presentations of actions panel commands that do not fit the panel size are not accompanied by ellipsis points to the right.
  • When a calendar is opened from a text box, the calendar resizing mode is not disabled if the mouse button is released outside of the window where the calendar was opened. To disable the resizing mode, click anywhere in the window that contains the calendar.
  • In Mozilla Firefox and sometimes in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the color of scroll bars of HTML document fields is the one specified in the operating system.
  • The effect of undo and redo commands in multiline text boxes is different from their effect on other clients. In the web client, the browser determines the number of changes that are rolled back.  
  • Pressing Shift + Del in a multiline text box deletes the entire line, while automatic text wrapping based on the text box width is ignored.
  • If a tooltip text includes line breaks, Mozilla Firefox displays spaces instead of them. 
  • For multiline text boxes and text document fields, the following commands are available on the Edit menu: Find, which is for searching in the field, and Replace, which is for replacing the search string in the field.
  • In Google Chrome and Safari, add-ins, the file system extension, and the cryptography extension are not supported.  
  • In Google Chrome and Safari, the Paste context menu command is not available.
  • In Google Chrome and Safari, the Go to link dialog box does not contain the Paste button. In this dialog box, the clipboard content is not automatically added to the link text box.
  • In Google Chrome and Safari, automatic user authentication with operating system tools is not available.
  • In Google Chrome and Safari, the option to edit headers or footers when printing documents is not available.
  • In Safari, the web client interface language matches the web browser interface language (unless it is overridden by a startup option).
  • In Safari, the size of the calendar and calculator windows cannot be less than the minimum window size allowed for that browser.
  • In Google Chrome, the print setup and print preview dialog boxes are not available.  
  • In Google Chrome versions 7 and earlier, when you switch between the windows using the hotkeys or attempt to open an already opened document or perform other similar operations, the following message is displayed after switching to a new window: Navigation to the window completed. Click OK to proceed.
  • In Google Chrome for Windows, switching between web client windows by pressing Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + Shift + Tab is not available.
  • In Google Chrome and Safari, the Back and Forward commands of HTML document fields do not work if the field content is set as a string. They only work if the field content is set as a URL.
  • The calculator setup dialog box is not supported.
  • In the All functions window, the only way to search is pressing Ctrl + F. This opens a search dialog box.
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