In 1C:Enterprise mode

Let us test the text box.

  1. Start 1C:Enterprise in the debug mode and open the customer form.
  2. In the Address field, type n.

    The platform suggests two cities starting with this letter (fig. 27.25).

    Fig. 27.25. Selecting from a set of predefined values in a text box

    The operations that you performed in Designer are also available in 1C:Enterprise script. This means that you can use some algorithm for dynamic generation of a selection list for a text box.

    Moreover, you can use 1C:Enterprise script to modify an automatically generated selection list (for example, a selection list in an automatically generated form). To do so, use the ChoiceDataGetProcessing event handler that is located in the object manager module. For example, to implement picking a catalog item in a text box, you can put the event handler to the catalog manager module.
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