Setting up multilingual collation in Oracle Database Server

Oracle Database Server provides support of multilingual collation to let you sort data in more than one language in one sort. This is useful for regions or languages having complex sorting rules and for multilingual databases.

To enable the multilingual collation support in your 1C:Enterprise Infobase that you run on Oracle Database Server, perform the following steps before using the Infobase:

  1. Copy the lx327c6.nlt file from the "Additional\OracleDatabase" folder of 1C:Enterprise's setup package to an empty folder on the same disk where Oracle Database Server is installed.
  2. Run Oracle Locale Builder (lbuilder).
  3. In Oracle Locale Builder, from the Tools menu, select Generate NLB and select the folder containing the lx327c6.nlt file.

    The tool creates the lx1boot.nlb and lx327c6.nlb files in the folder.

  4. Stop all Oracle-related services.
  5. Make a backup copy of the lx0boot.nlb and lx1boot.nlb files from the "$ORACLE_HOME/nls/data" folder.
  6. Copy the lx1boot.nlb and lx327c6.nlb files created by Oracle Locale Builder to the "$ORACLE_HOME/nls/data" folder with replacing existing files.
  7. Run all Oracle-related services.
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