Accessing 1C:Enterprise methods and properties using OLE automation

The functionality described in this section is only available in the add-in creation technology version 2.0.

A pointer to the IDispatch interface passed to the Init() method provides access to 1C:Enterprise using OLE Automation. You can get the read-only AppDispatch property from that pointer. This property contains the pointer to 1C:Enterprise's IDispatch (which is different from the one passed to Init()). While the add-in is connecting to the web client, the AppDispatch property is not yet available.

The AppDispatch property becomes available only after the full initialization of the 1C:Enterprise platform, therefore at the moment of loading the add-in and calling Init() this property provides access to a limited set of 1C:Enterprise functions.

Accessing 1C:Enterprise interface methods and properties using OLE automation

Visual Basic interface support is limited. The most "natural" mechanism for Visual Basic is working with OLE Automation. The Object type that represents a pointer to IDispatch is used for this purpose in Visual Basic. Therefore, 1C:Enterprise provides the option to use OLE Automation by passing the pointer to IDispatch in the Init() method and supporting calls of the interface methods listed above through OLE Automation.

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