Miscellaneous Objects

  • Application object manager modules.
  • Access rights definition for metadata objects attributes.
  • Application functionality can now operate with the time corresponding to the specified time zone that does not depend on server location. New global context methods SetInfoBaseTimeZone(), GetInfoBaseTimeZone(), SetSessionTimeZone(), SessionTimeZone(), CurrentUniversalDate(), ToLocalTime(), ToUniversalTime(), TimeZone(), GetAvailableTimeZones(), TimeZonePresentation(), DaylightTimeOffset(), StandardTimeOffset().
  • Aggregate mechanism intended to increase speed of operations with large data volumes of turnover accumulation registers in order to get analytical reports in various cross sections.
  • For language objects (managers, objects) with GetForm() method assigned, call parameters analysis has been introduced, and GetForm() function of the global context can be requested if required.
  • Empty record key for an information register notion introduced. Record key for an information register designer has been developed. IsEmpty() method for record key of an information register. EmptyKey() method for information register manager.
  • New register records writing method for documents posting. When documents are posted, sets of records to be recorded are clearly stated. For the RegisterRecordsDeletion property of a document’s metadata a new AutoDeleteOnUnpost variant is introduced. This is the default variant. The Write property has been added for records of the registers. RegisterRecordsWritingOnPost property for document metadata introduced. When this property is assigned the WriteSelected value (default value), it allows recording of only the sets that have the Write property assigned. This method is intended to use optimized recording of changed records sets without deleting movements when posting is initiated. The Write() method is implemented for the RegisterRecords document collection. LockForUpdate property implemented for the records set of the accumulation register and the accounting register.
  • The Size() method implemented for BinaryData object.
  • Acceptable code (number) length property for metadata objects that possess numbers or codes. The property is only available when the code (number) is of string type. This property will have the Fixed value assigned during conversion from previous versions. When a new object is created, it will have the Variable value.
  • Attributes fill check that provides for a regular description in the configuration of how to check the correctness of the user-entered data. The fill check is not performed in 8.1 version compatibility mode.
  • Standard objects filling mechanics enhanced. New properties implemented for objects attributes in metadata that influence the standard filling procedure: Filling Value – this value will be assigned to an attribute by the standard filling processing procedure, Fill from filling value determines if filling from the transferred filling data is possible. It is now possible to request filling in the forms when new objects are created and to transfer filter values to filter values fill handler if filling is called from a list. StandardProcessing parameter implemented for the objects in the filling event handling procedure. Filling event handler implemented for records set of an information register. Fill() method for records set of an information register and record manager of an information register.
  • PrivilegedPostingMode and PrivilegedUnpostingMode properties implemented for Document metadata object. TaskCreatingPrivilegedMode property implemented for BusinessProcess metadata object.
  • During various system checks when objects are created (for catalogs during parent check, code owner and uniqueness, for documents, business processes, and tasks during number uniqueness check, for exchange plans disabled during code uniqueness check, for exchange plans and charts of characteristic types during parent and code uniqueness check), data is accessed in privileged mode which makes it possible not to disable access rights restrictions at the records level for respective fields if configuration will only operate this data in managed mode or in the server-executed code.
  • StoredPasswordValue property implemented for the InfoBaseUser object that is intended to get and set hash value of the password.
  • DataVersion property implemented for catalogs, documents, charts of characteristic types, charts of accounts, business processes, and tasks. This property is not available in the 8.1 version compatibility mode. In the 8.1 version compatibility mode the access rights to DataVersion field are checked based on the access rights for the Reference field.
  • A designer to create a reference based on a unique identifier is implemented for the objects of the following types: CatalogRef, DocumentRef, ChartOfCharacteristicTypesRef, ChartOfAccountsRef, ChartOfCalculationTypesRef, ExchangePlanRef, BusinessProcessRef, TaskRef.
  • Data analysis mechanism can now operate both on the server and in an external connection.
  • HTMLDocumentShell object can now be used on the server.
  • GeographicalSchema object can now be used on the server, in an external connection and in the web-client.
  • GraphicalSchema object can now be used on the server and in an external connection.
  • Implemented the possibility to obtain graphical schema using the GetCommonTemplate() method of the global context and GetTemplate() method of the metadata object at a server and in the external connection.
  • Spreadsheet document pagination management on the server-side, including on the Linux-based server.
  • XDTO serialization for FixedArray object.
  • XDTO serialization for TextDocument object.
  • XDTO serialization for SpreadsheetDocument object.
  • Search for graphical schema item name in the Find() method of the GraphicalSchemaItems object.
  • Delayed updating of the session parameter value, for example, when data or user settings are changed. This is provided for by the Clear() method of the SessionParameters object.
  • CurrentStartPosition parameter for the NextPart() and PreviousPart() methods of the FullTextSearchList object.
  • Download of the log file to a values table and a parameter intended to limit the number of downloaded log records in the UnloadEventLog() method.
  • A new GetEventLogFilterValues() method that provides available filter values that can be used in log file downloading.
  • GetModificationUniversalTime() and SetModificationUniversalTime() methods for the File object.
  • Search Subfolders parameter has been implemented for the FindFiles() global context methods and FTPConnection object.
  • FixedArray object can be used to transfer the virtual accounting registers parameters Balances, Turnovers, BalancedAndTurnovers, DrCrTurnovers, and the accounting register manager methods Balances, Turnovers, BalancesAndTurnovers, DrCrTurnovers that can be assigned extra dimension types as parameters.

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