Description of material option characteristics

Finally, for the MaterialOptions catalog, let us specify where the material option properties are stored and how one can retrieve their values. The platform will use the description to generate reports and various dynamic lists based on material options.

  1. Right-click the MaterialOptions catalog and then click Characteristics (fig. 15.10).

    Fig. 15.10. Switching to the characteristics of the MaterialOptions catalog

    This opens the Additional characteristics of metadata object dialog box.
  2. Click the Add  button in the command bar.
    This adds a new record.
  3. Select the MaterialProperties chart of characteristic types as a source of characteristics.
    The platform automatically determines that the key field is the Ref field of this configuration object (fig. 15.11).

    Fig. 15.11. Description of the source of the characteristic types
  4. Leave the Field of type selection and Value of type selection fields empty.
    This scenario does not require filling these fields.
    Let us proceed to describing where the property values are stored.
  5. Select the MaterialPropertyValues information register as a source of characteristic values.
    The platform automatically determines that in this register the PropertySet dimension is the object field and the PropertyType dimension is the type field. The only thing you have to specify manually is where the property values are stored.
  6. In the Field of value column, select Value.
    The resulting characteristic description for the MaterialOptions catalog should look as shown in fig. 15.12.

    Fig. 15.12. Description of characteristics for the MaterialOptions catalog
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