Quick choice property


Let us fill another Warehouses catalog property: Quick choice.

  • Click the Input fields tab and select the Quick choice check box (fig. 3.67).

    Fig. 3.67. Specifying the Quick choice property

    By default, this check box is not selected and clicking a selection button in the field that references to a catalog item opens the catalog item choice form. It might not be user-friendly, especially when the catalog is not hierarchical and is known to include only a small number of items.

    The Quick choice property allows selecting items from a small drop-down list filled with items of this catalog instead of using a dedicated form (fig. 3.68).

    Fig. 3.68. Selecting a warehouse from a drop-down list

    This option is handy for the list of warehouses because this list will likely contain just a few items.

    You have not set the Quick choice property for the other catalogs. This is because Materials and services is a hierarchical catalog and quick selection does not make sense for this catalog. The list of employees and especially the list of customers can be very large and the drop-down list might require too much scrolling, which is inconvenient.

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