Infobases view

This view displays the list of Infobases. EDT updates the list as follows:

  • Every time you start EDT, it loads the list with the current user settings from the file 1CEStart.cfg.
  • EDT records the changes that you make to the current user settings file.
Unlike the Infobase list in Designer, this list always has the tree view. When you click an Infobase, the Properties view displays its brief description. To edit Infobase properties, open the editor (right-click the Infobase and click Open). You can perform the following operations in the Infobase list:
  • Create an Infobase (right-click anywhere in the list and click New).
  • Import a configuration from an Infobase to an EDT project (right-click an Infobase and click Import Configuration). It is identical to the Import command of the File menu with 1C:Enterprise 8 configuration files selected as a source.
  • Update the infobase configuration (right-click an Infobase and click Deploy Configuration).
  • Dump Infobase to a *.dt file (right-click an Infobase and click Dump Infobase).
  • Restore Infobase from a *.dt file (right-click an Infobase and click Restore Infobase).
  • Publish Infobase to a web server (right-click an Infobase and click Publish Infobase, see Web Servers view).

To refresh the Infobase list, on the toolbar, click Refresh.

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