• It is now possible to enable 1C:Enterprise 8.1 compatibility mode in the configuration properties. The compatibility mode is automatically enabled upon conversion of a configuration created in 1C:Enterprise versions 8.1 or 8.0. Features that depend on compatibility mode are listed in the Changes that Require Configuration Changes or Influence System Behavior.
  • When Client/server mode Infobase configuration update requires database restructuring, it is now possible to attempt to force disconnection of all sessions and to update the database configuration repeatedly.
  • In all the dialogs the Windows Authentication texts are replaced with Operating System Authentication while mentions of the Windows Users are replaced with Operating System Users.
  • The context menu of the configuration tree root received new commands intended to open various configuration editors.
  • New Query Wizard with Result Processing that generates a code to build and execute a query as well as a result iteration and building a spreadsheet document or a chart.
  • New Session Locale Code parameter included in Designer mode settings dialog (1C:Enterprise Startup tab).
  • Style Elements branch is moved from the Styles branch to the Common branch root. The Value property is added to style elements.
  • Boolean type values are now displayed in the debugger as True/False depending on the values of the 1C:Enterprise Script Variant property.
  • The sequence order and type grouping changed in the type selection dialog.
  • The order of default forms in metadata editing dialogs and new forms dialogs have been changed.
  • The 1C:Enterprise startup parameters page has been divided into two panes – Main and Additional. Module Texts tab renamed to Modules.
  • Metadata object name is now displayed in the properties palette title for metadata objects.
  • The Syntax Assistant now helps better distinguish between different kinds of information based on the availability and use modes. Implemented the possibility to filter display information by the availability of objects, methods, properties.
  • When a new metadata object is created that has no dedicated editing window, both the properties palette and the More window are opened (provided that the More window is applicable for this object).
  • The set of properties displayed in the Important Only mode has been changed.
  • The size of type selection list for the Type properties of the metadata objects attributes has been increased to 20 lines.
  • When a metadata object is assigned to subsystems, it is now possible to include the object into this or that subsystem regardless of the mutual subordination of the subsystems. An object can now be assigned simultaneously both to a parent subsystem and to its subordinate subsystem.
  • The View right has been added for Subsystem configuration object. If a user does not have rights to view the subsystem, then the help information on configuration objects is also unavailable for viewing.
  • It is now possible to lock an individual subsystem in a repository and to customize the distribution rules for subsystems in the configuration distribution settings dialog.
  • Various changes in the metadata editing dialogs, including the changes that reflect the new set of properties of metadata objects.
  • When help is edited in Designer mode, it is now possible to use references to system help topics. When help is edited in Designer mode, when the reference to system help topic is selected:
    • For Managed application configuration edit mode only topics concerned to managed application are displayed and the Web client column is displayed only;
    • For Managed application and ordinary application configuration edit mode all topics are displayed and Managed application, Ordinary application and Web client columns are displayed.
  • The set of text templates has been changed. Templates have been modified and expanded with changes and new features of the platform.
  • When file Infobase is being published on a web-server and anonymous authentication is used, the anonymous user access rights are checked for the database directory. If there are not enough rights, then warning about the impossibility of working with this Infobase is displayed. It is recommended to grant according to rights or select the Use operating system authentication on web-server checkbox.

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