Viewing lists

Operations available in tables are also available in lists. For the list of operations, see Tables.

Fig. 67. Bill payments list

A list form is usually a table displaying a list of items. The assortment of columns in this table is defined by the application design.

An application can provide multiple views of a single list, differing by the assortment and order of columns.

Note. A text cannot be fully displayed in a table cell if it longer than 20 000 characters.

To sort a table by a column, click a column header.

To customize the assortment of displayed columns, on the More menu, click Change form. The form customization procedure is described in Customizing forms.

If a list contains many items (rows) and columns, only a part of the list is displayed in the form with scroll bars available at the bottom and to the right of the list.

Both list items and folders can be marked for deletion. They are usually marked with line-through icons in the leftmost column of the list.

You can resize the column width. The new width is saved and used when the window is next opened. If a list is opened in a separate window, the width of the columns is saved together with the size and location of that window.

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