• Display of command bar icons, menu and sections panel in web client optimized.
  • Count of server calls in the web client functionality was reduced.
  • Optimized the execution the following query: ValueType(Field1) = ValueType(Field2), if Field1 and Field2 contain values of reference type.
  • When operating with Oracle DBMS performance of operations of writing register records and writing objects with tabular sections is improved.
  • The writing of register records of accumulation and accounting registers in Oracle Database DBMS is optimized.
  • The selections, executed by chunks (used in Choose() methods and at restructuring) optimized for all supported databases.
  • Transaction log parameters for an IBM DB2 database being created, are changed.
  • Optimized a number of 1C:Enterprise server mechanisms to improve performance and scalability for large number of users.
  • File operation (including temporary files) is optimized for the following mechanisms: full-text search, help, InternetMail object.
  • Web server extension module performance and scalability improved.
  • File base operation improved.
  • Work with MS SQL Server optimized for some operations.
  • Server cluster operating with session data has been optimized.
  • GetInfoBaseConnections() and GetInfoBaseSessions() functions performance improved for large number of registered users.
  • The operation of retrieving changes from the configuration repository is optimized.
  • Update of the spreadsheet document after interactive edit and also after program modification of separate cells of the spreadsheet in web client optimized.
  • Performance of the managed locks mechanism is improved.

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