Changes that require changes to the configuration and administrative settings

  • For non-predefined catalog items, the GetPredefinedItemName() catalog manager method returns the following:
    • for 1C:Enterprise of versions up to 8.2.13 (including 8.2.13), an empty string;
    • for 1C:Enterprise of versions 8.2.14–8.2.16 (including 8.2.16), the UNDEFINED value;
    • for 1C:Enterprise of version 8.2.17 and later, an empty string.
  • If a client application connected to a 1C:Enterprise server via a web server receives an exception in plain text or HTML format (instead of internal 1C:Enterprise exception format), the client application still will display the server response. The thin client supports the text/plain format. the web client supports text/plain and text/html formats.
  • Web browser setup process is changed for all supported versions of Mozilla Firefox. To have access to full platform functionality in this browser, you have to install 1C:Enterprise Extension.  You will be prompted to install the extension on the first start of the web client on your computer. Alternatively, you can use the main menu command Tools - Web browser setup to open the dialog for installing and updating 1C:Enterprise Extension.

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