Changes affecting the system behavior

  • The same name: 1C:Enterprise 8.2 Server (x86-64) Agent is used when registering the service of the 1C:Enterprise x86-64 server (with the help of the setup program and ragent.exe) in Windows OS. The 1C:Enterprise 8 Server (x86-64) Agent name, used earlier during registration with the help of the setup program, is not used any longer. After the installation of the new version of 1С:Enterprise х86-64 it is possible to register the new server service without deleting the old one. If such a situation occurs it is necessary to cancel the registration of the old server service manually with the help of the Windows OS sc.exe utility. If there is a set server of 1C:Enterprise with the settings different from the default settings, it is necessary to execute a repeat registration of the server service with the required parameters, using the ragent.exe utility from the new version. A detailed description of the ragent.exe utility parameters is provided in the chapter 3 of the "Client server mode. Administrator manual" book.
  • When transiting from version 8.2.10 to the version 8.2.11 list of Infobase users is converted when this list is modified for the first time. When transiting from the version 8.2.11 to the version 8.2.10 old user list (list at conversion time) is used.
  • The mechanism of the program installation in Windows OS has been changed. VBScript use has been excluded.
  • The libraries for building extensions for the Mozilla Firefox browser with a new version of xulrunner-1.9.2 are added to the external add-ins technology.
  • The mechanism of the year autofill when entering dates, if the year is not set explicitly, has been changed. Setting of the next year when entering the dates of the beginning of the year (January-February) at the end of the year (November-December) has been excluded. Setting of the next year when entering the dates of the beginning of the year (January-February) at the end of the year (November-December) has been excluded.
  • New enumerations are created with the Use standard commands property disabled. In cases of creating the default list form for enumeration, the Use standard commands property is enabled automatically.
  • Automatic installation of the new version with the startup program (1CEStart.exe) will be executed in the following cases:
    • The user executing the startup is a part of the group of local administrators;
    • The user executing the startup is not a part of the local administrators, but the installation of programs (the key of the AlwaysInstallElevated register) is allowed in the user and the computer group policies.
  • Authentication of the OS in the thin client on the web-server on behalf of the current user is not executed in cases of the explicit indication of the user name, irrespective of the provision of a password.
  • The extension installation directory for working with the files for the web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer has been changed. %APPDATA%\1C\1СEWebExt\FileSystemExtIE directory is used for the installation. Extension registration is executed for the current user of the operating system.
  • The behavior and the layout of the window, displayed during the installation of an add-in and of the extension for working with files in the web client, have been changed.
  • During reading the data the mechanisms of the platform, saving the data in XML format (the data composition system, interactive commands of data exchange), execute the installation of the UseIgnorableWhitespace property in the XMLReaderSettings in the True value.
  • The Standard settings report form extension command has been renamed into Set standard settings. The New window report form extension command has been renamed into Open new window. The sequence order of commands, provided by the report form extension, has been changed in the command panel.
  • If, during the new object recording (exchange plan, catalog, document, chart of accounts, chart of characteristics types, chart of calculation type, business process, task) a message to the user has been formed in the transaction, then references to the recorded object will be cleaned in the messages to the user.
  • During execution of conditional appearance the current data of the form table, to which the processed element is related, and not of the form the first by the elements sequence, will be used. For instance, if the form contains several tables, related to the attribute of the ValueTable form type, then the conditional appearance will operate with the current data of the processed form table.
  • The Language of full-text search queries in the data section has been implemented in the built-in Help. The section is located in the 1C: Enterprise – User work branch. The Format of search expressions for the search in the Help menu section has been changed to Language of full-text search queries in the Help menu. The section is located in the 1C: Enterprise – Getting help – Search by random description text branch.
  • Installation in the default values of the sizes and positions of windows, as well as of the position of separators, will take place before the beginning of work with the web client of 1C:Enterprise, version 8.2.11. Current user settings will not be used.
  • The DataVersion attribute of data reference types will not be displayed in the list of available fields of the data composition schema in 1C:Enterprise mode. This field can be used for setting the data composition schema with the use of the script. This field is also displayed in the list of available fields in the data composition schema wizard.
  • The Change form command is displayed in the form command panel always before the Help command.
  • The Refresh() method has been implemented for the form field extension for a field of Picture type. Repeat reception of the picture will be executed if the field is linked to the String type form attribute.
  • For Russian interface language, the presentation of type Неопределено has been changed to Не определено.
  • The managed form control bar availability for bypassing using Tab/Shift+Tab key does not depend on the value of AutoFill property.

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