Starting web client

To run the web client, enter the Infobase address as follows to the web browser address bar:


where the host is the address of the Infobase website.

Once the Infobase is loaded, a combination of characters specifying the language and country is added to the address. It looks like /aa_BB, where aa is the interface language identifier and BB is the country identifier.

You have to set up your web browser for web client operations. For more information, see Microsoft Internet Explorer setup, Mozilla Firefox setup, Google Chrome setup, and Safari setup.

You can run the web client and open an external link simultaneously. When you enter an external link to the web browser address bar, this loads an application and opens the link data.

For more information about links, see Links.

Note. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, we recommended that you open external links in an empty browser window.

When the web client is started for the first time, the application checks whether pop-up windows are allowed. If pop-up windows are blocked:

  • In all web browsers except Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the web client start is canceled and the web browser setup instruction is displayed.
  • In Mozilla Firefox, the web browser setup dialog box is displayed. It provides the settings description and two buttons, Update extension and Terminate. To accept the settings and start the application, click Update extension. To cancel the application start, click Terminate.
  • In Google Chrome, a warning about pop-up window blocking is displayed. To view the web browser setup instruction in a new window, click View instruction.

The check is performed at the first start of applications that run in the Forms in separate windows interface mode, and only if they have modal windows.

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