Using print forms

For some objects, in addition to the screen forms, print forms are available. In this case the object form normally has a button that opens the print form. The button is usually labeled Print, though it may have any similar label.

When you click Print, a print form is generated (an application might also provide other methods for opening that form).

The generated print form can be opened in a new window of the standard 1C:Enterprise spreadsheet editor. If only a part of the form is visible in the window, you can view the rest using the arrow keys and scroll bars.

To edit an automatically generated print form, on the main menu, point to Table, point to View, and click Edit.

To save an edited print form to a file, on the main menu, point to File and then click Save or Save as.

For information about operations available in 1C:Enterprise spreadsheet editor, see Appendix 3. "Spreadsheet document editor" of 1C:Enterprise User Manual.

To print a form, on the main menu, point to File and then click Print. This opens the standard print setup dialog box. For more information, see section "Specifying print settings" in "Appendix 3. Spreadsheet document editor" of 1C:Enterprise User Manual.

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