Spreadsheet document operations

The web client provides fewer options for editing spreadsheet documents than the thin client. You can dock a table and view groups using respective commands of the Table menu.

If a non-empty cell of a spreadsheet document has Auto selected for text location, the cell is merged either to the next filled cell or to the end of the spreadsheet document horizontally.

Other specifics related to work with spreadsheet documents include: 

  • A limited set of interactive commands that customize the spreadsheet document view is supported.
  • Text is always displayed horizontally in spreadsheet document cells.
  • Background pictures are not displayed in the spreadsheet documents.
  • Patterns are not displayed for spreadsheet document cells.
  • Scrolling with the wheel button is not supported in spreadsheet documents and form tables.
  • In a spreadsheet document, if empty cells exist after a populated cell (to the next populated cell or to the end of the spreadsheet document row), the cells are displayed as merged.
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