Creating adapters for Microsoft Internet Explorer

Use the AddInIE project from the example directory as a basis for the extension development. In the IDL file, change the library name (for example, MyAddInIELib library), coclass UUIDs, and library UUIDs. All places that require changes are marked with the //change comment. Do not change the interface names and UUIDs. We recommend that you rename the project (for example, to MyAddInIE). In the config.cpp file, change the AddInIE_i.h header file name to the name generated by the IDE based on the data from the IDL file and change the text variable values to the library coclass names (for example, to MyAddInIE.AddInServiceEx). Set the LIBID_AddInWebLib variable to the LIBID of your library. In the nameFileComponent variable, specify the add-in name (for example, AddInNative.dll). In the nameFilePrj variable, specify the target file name of the project (for example, MyAddInIE.dll). Since the extension for Microsoft Internet Explorer is a COM object, take into account the content of the Specifics of add-in development using COM section.

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