"About" window

To open the About 1C:Enterprise window, on the main menu, point to Help and click About, or click the i button in the system commands area.


Fig. 221. Opening the "About" window

This window displays general information about 1C:Enterprise system and its run options.


Fig. 222. The "About" window

The window displays the following data:

  • 1C:Enterprise version.
  • Configuration name and version.
  • Infobase details:
  • Infobase name, as defined in the infobase list that is displayed during 1C:Enterprise startup.
  • Database format (data storage format): file or client/server.
  • Infobase directory and regional infobase settings.
  • Client type (Thick client, Thin client, or Web client), connection speed, and data compression mode (without compression, compression: normal, or compression: enhanced).
  • User name. If the full user name is specified and it does not match the short name, the name is displayed in the following format: Short name; Full name.
  • Infobase and session localization.
  • 1C:Enteprise client and server license information, which includes the current license and all the previous ones. 
  • Information for technical support hyperlink, which displays the application info and the error log.

You can copy the information displayed in the window to the clipboard using a context menu command.

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