Changes requiring changes to the configuration and administrative settings

  • The distribution kit for Windows includes the HASP driver version 6.51.29439.1. The name of the file that installs or removes the driver is haspdinst.exe. The new version number is included in the names of the Start menu shortcuts.
  • On Linux, in the PathToCryptoModule parameter (the second parameter of the CryptoManager object constructor), you can specify paths to multiple libraries that simultaneusly implement an interface similar to Microsoft Crypto API. The paths are separated by ":" (colon). This provides support for all versions of the CryptoPro provider for Linux.

    To ensure compatibility with both old and new CryptoPro versions, it is recommended that you specify the PathToCryptoModule parameter of the CryptoManager object constructor as follows: /opt/cprocsp/lib/amd64/

  • You can use HTTP query headers, process return codes, get and set the query body as a string or binary data. The HTTPRequest, HTTPResponse objects are implemented.

    For the HTTPConnection object, the following changes are implemented:

    • The Put(), Post(), Get(), and Delete() methods return values of HTTPResponse type.
    • For Put(), Post(), Get(), and Delete() methods, the syntax for processing HTTP requests generated by 1C:Enterprise script is implemented.
  • The OpenID pass-through authentication protocol implementation is revised. The implementation corresponds to the Direct Identity version 2.0 mode of the OpenID protocol.

    Modified format of the OpenID provider address in the default.vrd  file (the url attribute of the rely item): httрs://<address of the OpenID provider infobase>/e1cib/oid2op. The default authentication lifetime is 24 hours. Maximum duration of authentication is 168 hours.

    Modified the protocol for interaction between the relying party and the OpenID provider.

    In the authentication dialog box, you can disable storing authentication data.

    For web client, implemented a dialog box for entering the user name and password on the OpenID provider side.

  • The add-in technology now supports Mozilla Firefox browser version 19.0. You can use add-in adapters for Mozilla Firefox 19.0 in the later versions of the web browser without recompiling the adapters. It is recommended that you specify only the minimum version of the web browser in the add-in manifest file.

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