Using common attributes

1. Common attributes are intended for being added to multiple metadata objects (catalogs, documents, registers, and so on). They are intended for solving one of the following tasks:

  • Data separation (the Data split property is set to Split)
  • Extending attribute sets of multiple objects (the Data split property is set to Do not use).

2. Common attributes that are not related to data separation are intended for adding functionality that is not a part of applied object business logic (for example, it is intended for solving tasks related to the entire configuration) but requires storing data in applied objects (instead of using other data storages, such as linked registers).

Common attributes are not intended for facilitating the addition of identical attributes to different applied objects. For example, moving regular document attributes, such as PersonResponsible, Comment, or Company, to the common attributes branch is incorrect. Also, note that common attribute access rights are specified independently of access rights for objects that have these attributes.

3. The order of common attributes that serve as separators in the configuration object tree should be based on the order of setting session parameters related to these attributes.

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