1C:Enterprise 8 (training version)

1C:Enterprise 8 (training version) is a free solution for a wide range of users who want to get started with 1C:Enterprise 8. It allows you to learn development methods: create and edit the metadata structure, write script modules, configure forms and interfaces, and administer the application.

You can also use the training version, keeping in mind its limitations, to modify existing applied solutions. Applied solution configurations are the same for both training and commercial versions. There are no limitations on the configuration complexity in the training version. However, the training version cannot be used for keeping actual records, for this you need to purchase a commercial version of 1C:Enterprise platform.

Training version limitations:

  • The volume of data is limited for documents, catalogs, registers, charts of accounts, and other object tables:
    • Maximum number of records in account tables is 2000.
    • Maximum number of records in the main object tables is 2000.
    • Maximum number of records in tabular sections of objects is 1000.
    • Maximum number of records in record sets is 2000.
    • Maximum number of records from external data sources is 200.
  • Client/server mode is not supported.
  • Distributed Infobases are not supported.
  • COM connection is not supported.
  • It is not possible to use passwords and operating system authentication.
  • Printing and saving spreadsheet documents are only supported in Designer mode.
  • Performance is lower compared to the commercial 1C:Enterprise 8 version.
  • It is not possible to copy the content of multiple cells of a spreadsheet document in 1C:Enterprise mode.
  • Operations with the configuration repository are not supported.
  • Configuration delivery features are not available.
  • Only one concurrent Infobase session in possible.

To get 1C:Enterprise (training version) support, use the public Studying 1C:Enterprise platform forum.

You can download updates for 1C:Enterprise (training version) free of charge at 1C:Developer Network.

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