The new edition of this book is prepared for the release of 1C:Enterprise 8.3.

1C:Enterprise 8.3 features significant improvements in the platform architecture in the areas of cross-platform design, mobility, and Internet services. Since these improvements require knowledge of advanced development techniques, they are out of the scope of this book.

However, the new platform version also includes a lot of new capabilities available to beginner developers. Among these, the book describes the new Taxi interface, the interface fully composed of nonmodal windows, new search options, new 1C:Enterprise script editor options, and more.

The authors hope this book will prove useful for everyone who wants to learn how to develop applied solutions based on the 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform.

If you need any help with the lessons included in this book, feel free to ask at 1C:Developer Network forum to get support both from 1C specialists and the developer community.

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