Target audience

The tutorial is based on an actual applied solution developed for a small company that provides consumer services. During your advancement through the tutorial, you will learn the basic 1C:Enterprise development techniques for various business automation areas, accounting, payroll calculation, and more.

Why have we picked this particular example?

On the one hand, most of us are familiar with consumer services. One way or another, we constantly use such services, which include home appliance repair, car services, laundry and dry cleaning, hair stylists and beauty consultants, and many more.

On the other hand, the activities in a maintenance business lend themselves to a demonstration of 1C:Enterprise capabilities. Here you find a range of customer services, the need to supply the company with the required materials, and expenses in the process of providing services. The company routines include human resource and payroll management. We can also illustrate the accounting process. Due to this broad range of activities, we can offer a detailed demonstration of the capability to create various account statements and summary reports based on the applied solution data.

This book is intended mostly for novice developers making their first steps in applied solution development. The explanations in the book are detailed and clear enough even for those readers who only know the very basics of programming.

If you have just started learning 1C:Enterprise or you are not familiar with it at all but willing to master the system, the book is intended for you. The goal of the book is to take you to step by step through the major stages of applied solution development in 1C:Enterprise and to demonstrate that nothing is impossible for an intelligent human being.

This book will also be useful to experienced developers because it will help them refresh their skills or improve their knowledge of specific development techniques.

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