Entering cell text

We will consider any combination of characters containing letters, numbers, punctuation marks, spaces, and special characters as text. Numbers typed in cells are also considered to be text.

You can enter text into any spreadsheet document cell. When a document or a report is generated, the cell text is processed based on the cell properties and then moved to the resulting report.

You can enter text in an active cell. To activate a cell, click it. 

To enter text into an empty cell, simply start typing. This switches the cell to the editing mode: an insertion point (a blinking vertical line) appears in the cell and you see the text being entered. When you finish typing, press Enter. You can also complete the text editing by clicking another cell. This is the same thing as pressing Enter.

If a cell contains any text when you start editing it, this text is replaced with the new text.  

To add more text to a cell, press Enter or F2 or double-click the cell before typing the text. This switches the cell to the editing mode and you can move the insertion point using the mouse or the arrow keys.

Note. Pressing Shift + Enter starts a new text line in a cell. You can also use this key combination to start a new line when entering text in the Text field of a cell property palette.

To cancel the changes that you made in the editing mode, press Esc.

If the text does not fit a cell, it occupies adjacent cells of the same row (left, right, or both, depending on the text alignment). 

To enter the same text into multiple cells, select these cells and enter the text into the Text property, then click the Save button on the toolbar of the property palette. You can also copy text to the clipboard, select any group of cells (they do not have to be adjacent), and paste the text from the clipboard.

You can use any text angle in cells. To set an angle, select cells and specify the angle from -360 to 360 in the Orientation property.

You can add a comment to a cell. A comment can contain any text that describes the cell. A cell with a comment is marked by a red triangle in the upper-right corner. If the Show Comments mode the comment text is always displayed. If this mode is turned off, to view a comment, move the pointer over a cell. 

You can define a template for cell text in the Mask property. 

Keys and keyboard shortcuts. You can use all the Microsoft Windows keys and keyboard shortcuts for editing text in the spreadsheet document cells.

If you make a mistake when editing a spreadsheet document, you can undo your actions. To undo the last action, on the main menu, point to Edit and click Undo. You can undo all the actions that you have performed after opening or creating a spreadsheet document.

To redo an action, on the main menu, point to Edit and click Redo.

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