Managing tables in HTML documents

You can add tables to HTML documents. To add a table, on the main menu, point to Table and click Insert Table, then specify the number of rows and columns.

You can add more rows and columns later.

To edit a table (insert or delete rows, columns, or cells), on the main menu, point to Table and then click the appropriate menu command.



Insert Row

Add a row above the current one

Delete Row

Delete the current row.

Insert Column

Insert a column to the right of the current one.

Delete Column

Delete the current column. 

Insert Cell

Insert a cell to the left of the current one. Shift the next cells to the right.

Delete Cell

Delete the current cell. Shift the next cells to the left.

Merge Cells

Merge the current cell and the cell to the right. The cell contents are also merged. To merge more than two cells, repeat this command as many times as required.

Split Cell

Split the current cell into two cells.

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