Transition from the previous version to the version 8.2.15

  • Conversion of configuration repository, external data processors and external reports is not required during the transition from version 8.2.14 to version 8.2.15. Specific case is described below.
  • If data separation is used in an Infobase then Designer mode should be run once. At that, there should be no client connection established (including those with opening the authentication dialog), before starting to work with this Infobase. When the conversion is complete, the Infobase can be accessed using the version 8.2.14.
  • After the installation of version 8.2.15 on Linux OS, config_server utility should be launched to create type.xml file in the conf/grcmncfg subdirectory of the binary files' directory.

Previous version: 8.2.14

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