Project editor

Use the project editor to specify general project settings. To open the project editor, right-click a project and then click Open Project Editor.

You can specify the following project settings:

  1. The method used to load the changes to the Infobase:
  • Incremental continuous loading. Load only changed objects to the infobase. EDT determines whether an object is changed when it writes it to the disk. Incremental loading significantly improves the infobase update performance for large applications.
  • Incremental loading on demand. Load only changed objects to the infobase and only on demand: by running a command or at application startup.
  • Entire Configuration loading on demand. Load the entire configuration to the infobase.
   2. Infobases associated with the project. It is a list that contains one or several Infobases associated with the project (configuration). Configuration updates are applied to all of the Infobases,  regardless of the update method that you select. You might need multiple Infobases to test your application on different 1C:Enterprise versions or on different sets of test data. Associating all these Infobases with a single project minimizes the development efforts. For many operations, such as the creation of a launch configuration (see Launch and debug configurations), the target Infobase is the default one.

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