Immediate window

You can use the immediate window to monitor parameters available in the application (results of formula calculations). To open the immediate window, on the Tools menu, click Immediate Window.

The immediate window is intended for administrators who are familiar with 1C:Enterprise script and know which functions can be used in formulas.

The immediate window displays a table. You can enter a formula in each line and get the result by pressing Enter.

Formulas can include arithmetical expressions, 1C:Enterprise script functions and procedures, and procedures available in application modules and common modules.

Enter each formula in the first table column in a new line. The calculation result is displayed in the second column. If a formula is invalid, the following error message is displayed instead of the result: Error in expression.

You can distribute the data displayed in the immediate window between several tabs. To show or hide tabs, right-click anywhere in the immediate window and then click Tabs.

To copy a calculation result to the clipboard, right-click the result and click Copy.

If the formula data source changes, you have to recalculate the result. To recalculate a single value, right-click a formula and click Recalculate. To recalculate all values, right-click anywhere in the immediate window and click Recalculate All.

To delete a line, right-click it and press Delete.

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