Windows Runtime

Add-in development for Windows Runtime and Windows Runtime Phone requires Windows version 8.1 with MS Visual Studio 2013 SP4 (Windows Phone SDK archive).

The add-in development result is a set of dynamic libraries (*.dll) for smartphones and tablets with all supported CPU architectures.

See the add-in project examples in directory \example\NativeAPIMobile\WinRT_Proj\.

To debug add-ins, use the projects included in the\Windows\ archive:

  • Store. MS Visual Studio project for tablets.
  • Phone. MS Visual Studio project for smartphones.

Before debugging,  extract 1cem-XXXXX.appx or 1cem-phone-XXXXX.appx archive content to the appx\ directory.

Then, after you add the add-in source code, you can use standard MS Visual Studio debug tools.

For Windows Runtime and Windows Runtime Phone, the option to load dynamic libraries from published applications is not implemented.

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