Understanding 1C:Enterprise script

In the previous lesson you wrote the handler of the MaterialsQuantityOnChange event (listing 4.1) and we provided a brief description of its functioning.

Now we will describe two approaches to understanding numerous unfamiliar configuration object properties and methods, which will help you study script fragments and create custom 1C:Enterprise script procedures.

The Syntax Assistant is a developer tool. It stores descriptions of all script objects available in the platform along with their methods, properties, events, and other related information.

To open the Syntax Assistant

  • Click the  button on the Designer mode toolbar (fig. 5.20).
    On the Help menu, click Syntax Assistant.

    Fig. 5.20. Opening the Syntax Assistant

Same as any other help system, the Syntax Assistant has a tree-like structure with chapters, sections, subsections, and so on. Using the Syntax Assistant is more convenient than using any of the printed 1C:Enterprise script documentation because it is readily available and supports context-sensitive help (Ctrl+F1).

In addition to that, each Syntax Assistant page has a Methodical information hyperlink at the bottom (see fig. 5.20). Clicking this link opens a browser window with a list of methodical materials related to the current topic. These may include 1C:Enterprise knowledge base articles, 1C:Developer Network articles and forum topics, and more. New methodical materials are added as soon as they become available online. This provides developers with additional options for getting answers to their questions without interrupting their work.

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