Transition from the previous version to the version 8.3.8

  • Conversion of configurations, Infobases, external data processors and external reports is not required during the transition from the previous version to the version 8.3.8.
  • Some features that are added in version 8.3.8 do not support compatibility mode. When you toggle the compatibility mode, the structure of some database objects is changed. To be able to work with the Infobase using a previous platform version, you have to turn the compatibility mode on.
  • When the Compatibility mode is set to None, the minimum supported version of Microsoft SQL Server is Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (this includes scenarios that use the Native Client).
  • In the file mode, Infobase operations are optimized. To support the optimization, the file database data storage format is updated to the new version 8.3.8 format. The option to change the page size of the Infobase file (1Cv8.1CD) is implemented. The page size can have one of the following values: 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, or 65536 bytes.

    To migrate data between Infobase formats, you can use a .dt file (provided that the target Infobase has the required format) or convert the Infobase file using cnvdbfl utility. The cnvdbfl utility can change the Infobase file page size during the conversion.

  • When you migrate to 1C:Enterprise version 8.3.8 or later, it is recommended that you use the data processor available for download at (Read more.). The data processor determines whether totals recalculation for accumulation registers and accounting registers is required to correct errors in scenarios where a dimension list includes a dimension of String type and an index by dimensions includes more than 16 database fields.

    If it is required after the migration performs Infobase verification and repair with Check logical Infobase integrity and Recalculate totals checkboxes selected, or use the cluster administration console (1cv8a). The latter option is recommended because it is faster.

  • After the migration from 1C:Enterprise version 8.3.5 to a later version you might get an error when retrieving characteristics. This is because the earlier versions of the platform allow specifying the Description field instead of the Parent field as a filter field for additional characteristic types of metadata objects. To correct the error, enter the correct value to the type filter field.
  • If your configuration includes HTTP services and you previously opened it with 1C:Enterprise Designer 8.3.4, when you open it with 1C:Enterprise 8.3.8, perform the following steps:
    • Create any configuration object.
    • Save the Infobase configuration.
    • Delete that configuration object.
    • Save the Infobase configuration.
  • To eliminate the issue with OpenID provider operations, in the default.vrd file for OpenID provider publication, add the required number of <returnto> elements with available redirection URLs.
Previous version: 8.3.7

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