Modifying the GoodsReceipt document

So what comes next?

First you will update both your documents (GoodsReceipt and Services) to provide data not only for the accumulation registers, but also for the accounting register.

Then you will create a Trial balance accounting report, which shows the inventory amounts at Jack of All Trades based on the accounting register data.

During the document posting the following accounting postings (records in the accounting register) should be created (table 16.1).

Table 16.1. Postings created by documents

Documents Postings
Debit Credit Sum
Goods receipt 5000 Inventory 4000 Accounts payable Cost
Services 2000 Accounts receivable 9000 Income Total
9000 Income 5000 Inventory Cost

Let us implement the postings to the accounting register.

You have to modify the posting procedure for the GoodsReceipt document and then repost all GoodsReceipt documents in 1C:Enterprise in order to execute the modified posting algorithm.

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