Creating installer packages for Miscrosoft Internet Explorer

The installer package for Internet Explorer is a CAB archive. To build the archive, download MS CAB SDK. The example\PackageIE folder contains an example of the installation package building. Change the name of the addin.inf file to match your add-in name (for example, MyAddIn.inf). Include the following information related to your add-in project in the file:

  • File and directory names.
  • In the LayoutFile property and in the inffile section, specify the name of the INF file.

Provide options for correct deletion of the add-in installed in Internet Explorer using the Add/Remove Programs operating system component.

Since version 8.2.11, 1C:Enterprise is capable of determining the add-in installation result. If the add-in will be used with earlier 1C:Enterprise versions, the developer must provide the method to inform the user whether the add-in is installed correctly.

For more information about the INF file format, see The script for building the CAB file is available in buildcab.bat.

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