Filling configuration properties with the release details

1. Synonym.
The official configuration name, which is printed on the product box, as well as in the documentation, price list, advertising, informational and tutorial materials. The revision number follows the configuration name.

Example: AccountingSuite 1.1.

2. Name.
The name is generated based on the synonym according to the name generation rules. The "revision" word, and revision and subrevision numbers are omitted.

Example: AccountingSuite.

3. Brief Information.
The brief information is identical to the synonym.

4. Detailed Information.
The detailed information is identical to the synonym.

5. Logo.
The configuration logo.

6. Splash.
A 305x110 pixels image.

7. Copyright.
A string of the following format: Copyright (c) <developer name>, XXXX-XXXX. All rights reserved.
XXXX-XXXX stands for the years of configuration development.

Example: Copyright (c) 1C-Soft LLC, 2008-2017. All rights reserved.

8. Vendor information address.
The vendor website address.

9. Configuration information address.
The product website address.

10. Vendor.
The vendor name.

11. Version.
The full configuration version number. For example, For details, see Version and revision numbering.

12. Update directory address.
The update URL.

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