Searching for a value in a text box

When you put the cursor in a text box, you can be prompted to enter a search string, display a full list of values (Show all or F4), and/or create an object (Create or F8).


Fig. 42. A text box with a drop-down list

If the value that you are typing is not in the list, the application prompts you to display all values or create an object. 


Fig. 43. The value is not found in the list

When you start typing, the application searches for the specified fragment and displays the matching values in a drop-down list. Depending on the application settings, the search is performed at the beginning of the line or anywhere in the line. Example:


Fig. 44. Searching at the beginning of the line in a text box

If the application supports the search anywhere in the line, you can search for any part of the value, as shown in the figure below:


Fig. 45. Searching anywhere in the line in a text box

If there is a great deal of data and processing this data will take a long time, the following message appears during the search.


Fig. 46. Background search

If you select a value marked for deletion in a text box, a warning is displayed.

If no values matching the search string are found, the application prompts you to select one of the following: select from a list, show all values, or create an object (provided that the application supports this option).

If you click Create (or press F8), an object creation form is displayed.

During the selection from a drop-down list in a text box, if you click another form item, the drop-down list is closed and the value in the text box does not change.

Note. For attributes that can store data of multiple types, you cannot enter text in the text box until you select a data type.

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