Calculated fields


This is the first time you need to display a field that is not available in the data set. Previously you always used fields defined in the data sets. To display the profit for rendered services by customer, you need an additional field calculated as revenue minus service cost.

For this purpose the data composition system provides the option to define a calculated field.

Calculated fields are additional data composition schema fields whose values are calculated according to the specified formula.

  1. Click the Calculated fields tab.
  2. Click the Add  button.

    This adds a calculated field.
  3. In the Data path column, type Profit.
  4. In the Expression column, type the expression for calculating the field value (listing 13.14).

    Listing 13.14. Expression for calculating the Profit field value

    Revenue - Cost
    The platform fills the calculated field title (which is displayed in the report) automatically, you have the option to change it (fig. 13.101).

    Fig. 13.101. Creating a calculated field

You can add a calculated field to report resources in order to calculate group and overall totals by this field.

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