Accounting by customers option

Note that functional options can affect not only the applied solution command interface but also the appearance of applied solution forms. Besides, functionality can be enabled or disabled without restarting the client application. You can also work with functional options using 1C:Enterprise script. With all that, the functional options feature makes deployment and customization simple and straightforward even for beginner users.

Now let us look into another example.

Some companies do not need to record customer names. Often only the fact that a service is rendered matters while the personality of a customer does not.

So let us implement the option to disable the maintenance of a customer list to prevent users from having to specify the customer every time a service is rendered.

Let us also update existing functional options by including the Accounting and Payroll subsystems in these options. This is needed for the solution to look complete: if accounting is not needed, it should not be present anywhere.

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